Fostering the further development and acceptance of litigation funding in continental Europe

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Welcome to the European Association of Litigation Funders

In recent years, in Europe a growing number of claimants have begun to use litigation funding to finance their legal disputes. However, in continental Europe the availability and take-up of litigation funding is still in its childhood phase and continues to vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Additionally, litigation practitioners are not yet entirely familiar with the full range of funding options available to their clients – even in markets where third party financing is well-established. For both of these reasons, litigation funding has not yet reached its full potential.

The European Association of Litigation Funders (“EALF”) aims to promote best practices in the litigation funding industry of continental Europe, and in so doing promote access to litigation funding for claimants looking for finance in order to resolve disputes.

What we do

We believe funders, claimants, regulators and society at large can strongly benefit from an organization focused on fostering the further development and acceptance of litigation funding in continental Europe. We therefore aim to establish an European association of litigation funders.

We foresee our role as follows:

- Establish a Code of Conduct for Litigation Funders

- Promote the use and application of litigation funding as part of the rational management of financial risk in dispute resolution

- Help to develop the legal and regulatory framework by engaging with regulators and policy makers in Europe

- Raise the profile of litigation funding and its uses with the public and the media

- Ensure better access to justice by protecting claimants through the clear stipulation and enforcement of rules of engagement